Hotel Lake Anna is under new management. We are upgrading one room at a time. Please Review our COVID - 19 Guidelines Please note: Room Prices are Subject to Change Without NoticeFor latest prices, please call us on 540.895.5302 or email: [email protected]

Hotel Lake Anna King Size Room Room Picture at Hotel Lake Anna, Virginia Amazing Rooms with Best of Services! DETAILS King size room at Hotel Lake Anna Hotel Lake Anna, Rooms Amazing Rooms with Best of Services! HOTEL LAKE ANNA DETAILS


Please review our hotel's policies.


Hotel Timings


3:00-9:00 PM


11:00 AM







Room Reservations

Call Hotel: 9:00 AM-9:00 PM

Online Booking: 24 Hours

Front Desk: 1:00 PM-8:30 PM

Dear Guests,


We thank you for choosing to stay with us at Hotel Lake Anna (HLA).

We are a hybrid alternative between a boutique hotel and Airbnb. Importantly, we are upgrading and renovating our property to assure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.


We appreciate you following the guidelines below:


Check -In

We request our guests to check in during the front desk office hours between 3-8:30 PM. To schedule a late check in, please coordinate with our Front Desk. We do have 24/7 staff, but we’re trying to be considerate of their time as well as that of our valued guests.


No Smoking in the room

Please avoid smoking or cooking in the rooms. Our fire alarms are extremely sensitive and will sound immediately at a hint of smoke whether cigarette, vape, candle, or cooking. Please know as well that for your safety, the local fire department is notified directly whenever the alarm is set off.


Not a Pet Friendly hotel

Pets are not allowed in the rooms.


2 Adults Per Room

We allow a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children below 12 years of age in the rooms. A charge of $40 will be incurred by each additional adult guest.


Unique Design

We have decorated your room to be as unique, attractive, an comfortable as possible. We appreciate your care in handling any items in your room.


Renovations & Upgrades –

Since taking over the property last year, we launched a new initiative to renovate each room in the hotel. Supply chain issues and a lack of help have contributed to this process taking longer than we’d planned. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your patience as we work to make Hotel Lake Anna even better.


Room Key Drop

We request you to drop the room key at the front office when checking out.

We thank you for choosing to stay with us and please offer your candid suggestions.



Hotel Lake Anna Management

Ph: 540 895-5302

[email protected]


Relax in our Hotel

The moment you step inside this beautiful motel, it will make you observe the natural beauty at its best. Known for its accommodation, amenities, plus green surroundings . The irresistible charm and incredible beauty of this marvelous lake can steal your heart and will make you visit this magical place again and again.


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