Hotel Lake Anna is under new management. We are upgrading one room at a time. Please Review our COVID - 19 Guidelines Please note: Room Prices are Subject to Change Without NoticeFor latest prices, please call us on 540.895.5302 or email: [email protected]

Services and Policy

Room Reservations

  • Call Hotel: 9:00 AM-9:00 PM
  • Online Booking: 24 Hours
  • Front Desk: 1:00 PM-8:30 PM

Check-in / Check-out Timings:


Check-in time for arriving guests begins at 3 pm.
Check-out time for departing guests is 11 am.

You may be liable for extra charges if you do not check out timely.


Payment Policy


It is the policy and practice of Hotel Lake Anna to require payment in advance for guest rooms. Full payment for intended/stated stay (reserved dates) is required at check-in and the time of renewal, without exception. If the intended stay is more than 30 days, the first 30 days is due at check-in, to receive a monthly rate. For guests opting to pay for their room in cash, a $250 cash deposit is required per room, per stay. Refunds will not be given for early departures.

A valid credit card is required for payment.

Cancellation Policy


Base policy: 72-hour cancellation window
  • Travelers who cancel 72 hours or more before 3:00 PM EST on the day of check-in are charged no fee.
  • Travelers who cancel less than 72 hours before 3:00 PM EST on the day of check-in (including no-shows) are charged 100% of the booking amount.

To cancel a reservation, please call or text 540.895.5302

Housekeeping Services

At Hotel Lake Anna, protecting the health and comfort of our guests is priority number one. Our housekeeping staff ensures every inch of your space meets the highest standards of hygiene in the industry.

Housekeeping services are scheduled based on the length of your stay.

1-6 Nights: Towel and linen exchange is available at the front desk once a day. In case of any more requirements, please contact us at the front desk.

7+ Nights: One Full Housekeeping Service is provided each week. At check-in, you will receive your scheduled housekeeping service day.

Full Housekeeping Service
(provided weekly for guests staying 7+ nights)

Changing linens, providing fresh towels, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of kitchen and bathroom, emptying trash and replenishing soaps, shampoo and toilet paper (as needed).

Pet Policy and Pet Agreement

We do not allow dogs and any pets on our hotel premises. Sorry, we are not a pet-friendly hotel.

Only Service Dogs are allowed. Please fill out the PET Agreement Below for Service Dogs.

We have allocated 2 rooms at the hotel to accommodate our guests with pets.

To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of our guests the following policies apply to your service dog’s stay:

  1. Fees: Please be aware that an additional daily fee of $29.00 (taxes included) per service dog will be charged to your daily room rate.
  2. Cleaning Fee: If room fumigation is required due to pest infestation an additional fee over and above the service dog stay fee will apply.
    As it will be necessary to clean in preparation for our next guest.
  3. Acceptable Dogs: We welcome only service dogs. We reserve the right to require immediate removal of any service dog if that displays dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, including, but not limited to biting. excessive noise (such as barking), evidence of disease, or urination/defecation in public areas. No more than two (1) service dogs may occupy a guest room. Each guest is responsible for all charges that relate to the removal of his/her service dog, including but not limited to transportation and kennel charges.
  4. Dog in Room Sign: Please place the Pet in Room sign on the outside of your door whenever your dog is in your room.
  5. Housekeeping: For the safety and comfort of your service dog, Housekeeping will enter your room only if:
    (a) your service dog is not present or
    (b) you are present and can monitor your pet (dog’s must be on a leash), or
    (c) your service dog is caged.
  6. Damage to Guest Rooms and Common Areas: Your hotel account will be charged for the repair or replacement cost for any damage caused by your service dog.

Please download a copy of the Service Dog Acceptance Agreementand submit a signed copy at the front desk. No dog will be allowed until this agreement is signed and submitted at the time of the check-in.